Monday, 22 February 2010

Brian Spill

The sun will rise, the moon and the stars will shine. And irrelevant of how i feel this will continue. a new day, a new night. maybe the only thing i can be sure of. everything else is adaptable. everything else will change and with it bring new challenges and new opportunities. The moon is a comfort to me and no matter how many times i look at it, it never fails to impress me and ultimately calm me. The world as we know it is fickle in its character and appearance. The elements hold it all together and bring that stability that nothing else can. If the world is adaptable that means I can change it. I can be who i want and i can view it how i want to see it. Know one will ever be me and will ever see or think the things that i do. It is what i make of it. My hands tremble and my body feels warm with the the tingle of heat. My mind feels relaxed yet open. I enter a state of trance in which everything around me becomes a lot clearer and accurate. the simplest things suddenly catch my attention. I go numb and am as weak bodied as a drunk and as free in mind as a lunatic. Solitude and time alone makes me deaf to rules, restrictions and boundaries. Yet i hear more.

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