Thursday, 25 February 2010

Spitalfields Market/ Get stuffed

I went to Old Spitalfields Market today... it was so
amazing and inspiring! They had thee most fantastic
collection of vintage bits and bobs. I went crazy,
absolutely loved it. They had a taxidermy stall that
was selling animal skeletons and skulls, however they
were priced at about £75 each which is just ridiculous
considering i have been buying very similar stuff off
ebay for a tenner! There was this one stall though
owened buy a very cool man called John. It sold lots
of old uniforms ranging from fireman to policeman...
but is was all his army gear that took my fancy. I
picked up some amazing pieces that im planning on
using in my next shoot... so keep an eye out for that.
Also took a trip to 'Get Stuffed' in Angel on Essex Road.
It blew my mind. It is a taxidermy shop that has been
established and family run for over 90 years. The guy
sitting behind the desk said that he had been working
there for over 40 years, he only looked about 45!!!
Plus i wasn't creeped out at all, considering im a
vegetarian and find the suffering of animals hard to
handle, you'd think a taxidermy shop would be the last
place on earth that would appeal to me. However the
guy working there, Robert, explained it all to me. How
they buy the dead animals, they don't kill anything
and he explained the process of how it is done bla bla
bla. It is a real art form! And the work they produce is
just superb!

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