Monday, 22 February 2010

Cinders Ashes

Bitter but sweet taste on the tongue. You’ll want her to stay. A final drip. Semi depressing but you’ll get over it. Fed up of putting on layers to do what i enjoy. Why do we like things that are bad for us?

Blaze Blaze.

Condemned. I just ashed on the rug, on the floor, by the bin, next to the door. Leave me. Never. Eyes squint as if saying no too. But then the ge-tar strums on. Picture book scenario. The dots never fucking line up.

Blaze Blaze.

Didn’t really work did it. Cruel bastard. I need more than two and you deserved less than three in the night time. Screw your side. Your opinion is neither wanted or was asked for so buggar off and set me free. Command ‘Z’. I can do what i live.

Blaze Blaze. Blaze be it.

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