Sunday, 28 February 2010



His soul,

His passion,

What makes him work.

Beauty way beyond the physical.

His sensitive nature and his reactions.

The way he touches me.

In every way I can be touched.

My calming influence,

From the inside out.

I quake and tremble,

My breath gets heavier,

My limbs soft and weak.

My eyes close as if in some way I can see you there.

What you hear moves me.

It cuts me,

Weakening my soul and all its defenses.

Wondering hows the Gods will ever match us.

You are not forgotten.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Spitalfields Market/ Get stuffed

I went to Old Spitalfields Market today... it was so
amazing and inspiring! They had thee most fantastic
collection of vintage bits and bobs. I went crazy,
absolutely loved it. They had a taxidermy stall that
was selling animal skeletons and skulls, however they
were priced at about £75 each which is just ridiculous
considering i have been buying very similar stuff off
ebay for a tenner! There was this one stall though
owened buy a very cool man called John. It sold lots
of old uniforms ranging from fireman to policeman...
but is was all his army gear that took my fancy. I
picked up some amazing pieces that im planning on
using in my next shoot... so keep an eye out for that.
Also took a trip to 'Get Stuffed' in Angel on Essex Road.
It blew my mind. It is a taxidermy shop that has been
established and family run for over 90 years. The guy
sitting behind the desk said that he had been working
there for over 40 years, he only looked about 45!!!
Plus i wasn't creeped out at all, considering im a
vegetarian and find the suffering of animals hard to
handle, you'd think a taxidermy shop would be the last
place on earth that would appeal to me. However the
guy working there, Robert, explained it all to me. How
they buy the dead animals, they don't kill anything
and he explained the process of how it is done bla bla
bla. It is a real art form! And the work they produce is
just superb!

Monday, 22 February 2010

Natural History

Brian Spill

The sun will rise, the moon and the stars will shine. And irrelevant of how i feel this will continue. a new day, a new night. maybe the only thing i can be sure of. everything else is adaptable. everything else will change and with it bring new challenges and new opportunities. The moon is a comfort to me and no matter how many times i look at it, it never fails to impress me and ultimately calm me. The world as we know it is fickle in its character and appearance. The elements hold it all together and bring that stability that nothing else can. If the world is adaptable that means I can change it. I can be who i want and i can view it how i want to see it. Know one will ever be me and will ever see or think the things that i do. It is what i make of it. My hands tremble and my body feels warm with the the tingle of heat. My mind feels relaxed yet open. I enter a state of trance in which everything around me becomes a lot clearer and accurate. the simplest things suddenly catch my attention. I go numb and am as weak bodied as a drunk and as free in mind as a lunatic. Solitude and time alone makes me deaf to rules, restrictions and boundaries. Yet i hear more.

Synthetic Anatomy

Cinders Ashes

Bitter but sweet taste on the tongue. You’ll want her to stay. A final drip. Semi depressing but you’ll get over it. Fed up of putting on layers to do what i enjoy. Why do we like things that are bad for us?

Blaze Blaze.

Condemned. I just ashed on the rug, on the floor, by the bin, next to the door. Leave me. Never. Eyes squint as if saying no too. But then the ge-tar strums on. Picture book scenario. The dots never fucking line up.

Blaze Blaze.

Didn’t really work did it. Cruel bastard. I need more than two and you deserved less than three in the night time. Screw your side. Your opinion is neither wanted or was asked for so buggar off and set me free. Command ‘Z’. I can do what i live.

Blaze Blaze. Blaze be it.

Flesh To Bones

Many thanks to Mindy and Jess. Love u both.

Mice Cubes

By your command we return to dust - Thank you William!


Mothers Breathe

I love the feeling u receive when a naked part of your body gets too close to a cold window. It’s the instant chill that travels through you as u experience the contrast between your warm home and the frosty outside with rolling clouds and brittle trees, leafless and stark. The silence makes this moment so much more intense.


Thanks to Oz, Lou and Lars!

Spear of the Goddess

Inspiring people is all I need to inspire me. images are candy to me... I eat them. People, well i’m a vegi. Surround yourself with inspiring people and you’ll be entertained.


With thanks to Oz, James and Lou!

Hear No, Speak No, See No.

Thank you Laima and Duree!


Ooze what you believe in.

From your head to your toes.

Leak it through every God forsaken pore in your body.

Spill it from your mouth, let it moisten your tongue.

Count on it to be your guide.

Chase it through storm and wind to the ends of the Earth.

Collect its berries and drink the juice.

Darken the doors and lighten your heart.

Belong to your fears and live through the turmoil.

For Hookies back and death be long gone.

A memory of once was a spit of a name.